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At Koetshuis Sloten, we use organic products and special suppliers whenever we can. Taste the stories behind our ‘Thuisprodukten’, which translates to our home products.


Our delicious and freshly baked biscuits come from organic bakery Iambe. The Iambe products are made by people with an intellectual disability. That is what makes them so special. Cake and biscuits made with love for the product and with care for the makers. Everything is organised under the supervision of professional bakers.

De Goede Buur
We truly believe that they bake the best apple pie in Amsterdam. De Goede Buur is a bakery and a shop selling gift items where people with a disability get on-the-job training.

Tony Chocolonely
Who is not familiar with this acclaimed brand that produces chocolate without slave and child labour? And this is not the only reason why their chocolate is so delicious.

De Wereldbol
For our bread baskets with dips, we use De Wereldbol: artisanal sourdough bread with a unique mix of herbs. Bread against hunger. Literally! For each Wereldbol bread that is sold, 30 cents are donated to the Hunger Project (NGO). This award-winning international project has been successfully fighting for a sustainable end of chronic hunger in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Tea with a real focus on humankind and the environment, by ensuring the fair distribution of revenues in the tea chain and a responsible production method. The majority of their teas are organically grown and purchased by following fair-trade principles. Wherever this is not possible, a surplus price is reserved for a charitable cause.

Amsterdam Water
Sparkling mineral water that is sustainably sourced. Amsterdam Water complies with the European OECD Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines.

Still water, by the way, just comes from the tap in our Thuislocaties… Wholsome and environmentally responsible water.

Organic herbal tea cultivated in the Netherlands that helps to restore the biodiversity! PTThee collaborates with farmers and landowners by sowing herb seeds on their land. The diversity and roots of these herbs result in a healthier soil and the flowers attract insects such as bees. Half of the grown herbs are harvested, after which they are washed and dried and processed into tea. The other half of what is grown remains on the land for the insects.


More coming soon… (juices, soups, soft drinks & wines)

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