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de Helden van Koetshuis Sloten

In November 2019, we start with our first ‘Helden van’ project, which translates to ‘the heroes of’, during which Koetshuis Sloten is going to support a unique social & sustainable initiative for six months. We do this by reserving a percentage of every booking for this project. 

During these six months, we will follow the project closely and post news items about its background and successes in our blog. At the end of this period, we hand over the collected amount to ‘de Helden van’ we supported and we will be updated on where the money is going to be invested. This means that you will automatically support these ‘Helden van’ when you make a reservation. And, of course, you can always do more when the project inspires you and piques your interest.

This can be done, for example, by sharing your know-how when ‘de Helden van’ is small start-up company, by providing resources, or ‘just’ by offering an extra donation. Every contribution, no matter how small, counts and we will certainly bring it to everyone’s attention via our blog. And so ‘de Helden van’ project always creates new heroes. Talking about inspiration…

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Our 'Helden van'

  • Sheltersuit

    The very first project that we will support and follow from November 2019 is Sheltersuit. Read more about this Held

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