Thuis voor

Koetshuis Sloten is thuis voor –which translates to a home for-  organisations that wish to have a meeting or brainstorm session at an inspiring, private location. A home for companies that are seeking a meet-up location that will impress without having you feel like a fish out of water. Comfortable, relaxed, and with basically everything you need. Feeling at home with extra services.

We consider it a privilege to welcome guests at our locations every day, where we create a warm atmosphere, offer excellent facilities, and arrange for great food & drinks. Naturally, we also realise that this is a certain luxury and that ‘feeling at home’ in is not self-evident for many people. That is why we believe that our motives of sharing and connecting should not stop at our own front door, which is why we created Thuis voor

“Supporting the good initiatives in order to make a better world for us. A good home for everyone.”

de Helden van

We don’t just want to be a  home for our clients but also for social and sustainable pioneers who put their heart and soul into creating a more beautiful and better world. They are our Helden van, which translates to our heroes-of. We support our heroes with our helden-van– projects and in which you are already participating whenever you use our locations. Read more about our Helden-van.



Moreover, all the food and drinks we serve at our locations are mostly organic and sourced from special suppliers. They can be companies or food-manufacturers that employ people with disabilities and/or donate a part of the revenues to charities. Thuisprodukten, which translates to home products, that tell a story!
Read more about our  Thuisprodukten.

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