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When you made a reservation for one of our locations, you have probably been busy with many other things as well; the busy schedules of the participants often make it difficult to set a date that suits everybody. Now that you have managed to do all that and the date for the meeting at Singel80 is drawing near, you may think of how you can make this event even more efficient. By following a team-building or short training session, for example.


This is where our colleague Suzanne (Suus) can help you. You no longer have to search for an external trainer and your day together will get the focus you need. Suus is a professional coach/trainer with a corporate background who also offers several of her practical workshops at the Thuislocaties. Her positive, no-nonsense attitude and practical way of thinking will guarantee a pleasant and open collaboration.
You can find some of the options she can offer below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a more customised programme. For more info about Suus:

Ice-breaker and/or Energizer – workshop ½ hour
Suppose that you don’t see each other daily and it takes a bit more effort to start up the meeting. Suus offers a short ‘Ice-breaker’ session to start the day energetically. You can also plan this Energizer for after lunch. After all, we are all familiar with the so-called after-lunch dip. By doing a playful team exercise, you will start the afternoon with renewed energy.
€ 75,- (per group)

Next steps – workshop 1½ hour
A common issue: during the meeting, one or more people come up with a splendid idea but you find it hard to follow it up with concrete next steps. As a consequence, everyone will just be busy doing their own work the next day. This workshop is to ensure that you will take these next steps.
That same afternoon, everybody will start working on their own next steps so that you can roll out your wonderful plan concretely.
€250,- (per group)

DISC colour training – half-day workshop
Do you want your team to collaborate more effectively? With the DISC training, you will get to understand yourself and each other much better. You gain insight into each other’s qualities and learn how to complement and understand one another. After that, the collaboration will not only be more pleasant but also more effective. (Can be supplemented with individual DISC reports and a team overview report)
€500,- (per group)



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The duration of all workshops are in consultation and the prices are exclusive of VAT.

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