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Here in our home we like connecting & sharing. We think it’s amazing to start collaborations on our own strength, in order to complement and strengthen each other.

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”

That is why our locations are not just a home to our fixed team, but also to a number of freelancers. They occasionally make use of the locations and frequently receive you: our guests. The common denominator of the different people in our home is the love for hospitality.

Our team members/hosts all have their own specialisms. And they are happy to share those with you. For example, one of Suzanne’s coaching sessions may fit the theme of your meeting very well. And maybe Marit’s LinkedIn portrait pictures of you and your colleagues will be a nice distraction during a break.

In this way we want to offer you as our guest a little more than just a nice place. In our home we believe in making connections: helping each other, improving (together).

Just a little extra

If you have booked a home location with us, then you have probably done your research: with busy schedules it’s usually not easy to find a date that suits everyone and then find a location that is big enough and fitting for your meeting. Now that everything worked out and you will soon be getting together, it may be efficient to get more out of this moment.

If you are interested in doing something extra during your meeting, then be sure to check some of the options below. Are you looking for something else? Please let us know. We are here to help you.

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our extras

  • Workshops

    Short workshops to give your meeting a boost. For example, a team building session or short training. Learn more
  • Percussion & Teamwork

    A useful series of modules is offered for personal and organisational development. The focal point is the precussion workshop: the perfect ice breaker. Learn more
  • LinkedIn photo shoot

    When you meet up at our location, you can request a LinkedIn photo shoot with your application. Learn more
  • Tastings

    Champagne tasting, Prosecco or wine tasting organised by Taste and Tintle Learn more
  • Fencing

    Meet your colleagues head on! Efence is organising an active and educational introduction to fencing in cooperation with the Koetshuis Sloten. Learn more

Curious about the possibilities?

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