Rates & Catering

Location rental incl. AV equipment

Always on the basis of the entire location (2 rooms)* and totally exclusive
*Unfortunately, the rooms cannot be rented individually:

Extra’s from us, for you: There are 15 minutes walks waiting for you during a break.

4 hours (≤ 13 persons) € 455,00
8 hours (≤ 13 persons) € 645,00
12 hours (≤ 13 persons) € 845,00


0-6 hours € 12,95 p/p
7-12 hours € 15,95 p/p

Bourgondische lunches by Margreet or Isabel*

(this is a suggestion, anything is possible)

Seasonal lunch: healthy lunch fresh from the fields every day different" € 17,95
Extra: home made soup € 4,95
Extra: slice of quiche (> 8 persons) € 4,95


Various buffets from 6 pers. Menu to request separately. Price p.p. from; € 25,50
Exclusive Private Custom Dining by Wendy Welvaars Catering. On request.


Crudité (various raw vegetables) with dips (p.p.) € 4,95
Bread with various dips (p.p.) € 3,95
Platter with various cheeses, cold meats and freshly roasted nuts (p.p.) € 9,95
1/8 quiche (from 8 persons, p.p.) € 4,95
Warm balls (choose from: Dim sum, Indian, Albondigas, Peanut and Thai (p.p.) € 4,95

* Kitchen Princesses Margreet and Isabel

Margreet from De Tuin van Sloten takes care of both the breakfasts, most (sandwiches) lunches and the appetisers for the Koetshuis.
A standard lunch consists of a fresh salad, freshly made sandwiches topped with home-made (vegetarian) salads, farmer’s cheeses, farmer’s pâté … possibly in combination with a piece of freshly baked, warm quiche or a wrap. Everything served on beautifully laid out bowls. Of course, you can always try something completely different: just ask us.
Like our caterer Isabel, Margreet also has an artistic background. This guarantees a delicious, festive lunch.

Isabel from Isabella Cuccina also provides lunches and dinners at De Thuislocaties. Healthy, always fresh from the same day and with a huge passion for Mediterranean cuisine. She serves her dishes on large bowls that always look festive. The fact that Isabel was originally a painter is not surprising in that regard: you can see and taste the creativity & sense of flavour in everything.

All prices exclude VAT

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