Impression of the Koetshuis

Driving to the Koetshuis you may wonder whether you’re going the right way: because of all the new buildings and roundabouts, the promised leafy greenery nowhere in sight…

Not to worry, once you get to the Sloterweg you’re almost there. The picturesque houses with the church tower and the Molen van Sloten in the background provide the backdrop here.
You need to be behind the former doctor’s stately residence at number 1301. As the gravel crunches underneath your shoes you can already see the old Koetshuis, previously used for the coach and horses that belonged to the village doctor. Taking the path under the trees you reach the secluded terrace that borders on a meadow. In the spring and summer the sheep graze here and greet you as you walk by.
Inside the Koetshuis it’s light, fresh and cosy and you can enjoy your first cup of fresh coffee at a large wooden kitchen table. The stairs take you to the spacious and homey meeting room under the old beams.
Meeting indoors? Or prefer outside?

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