General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Venue Rentals Thuislocaties (Singel80 and Koetshuis Sloten)

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all offers made by De Thuislocaties and agreements entered into with regard to the rental of the space in the venues of De Thuislocaties. Deviations therefrom must be agreed in writing.

2. Thuislocaties can provide the other party with an option on the facilities of Thuislocaties without any obligation. Thuislocaties then makes an offer or quotation, mentioning the period of validity and costs of this option. The maximum validity period is five (5) working days unless otherwise agreed in writing. The other party must, within the expiry of the period of validity, make known to Thuislocaties that they wish to make use of the facilities of Singel80.

3. The prices stated by De Thuislocaties are provisional and include any fees for gas, water, electricity, cleaning, etc. The final price or prices will be determined at the time of the performance(s) to be carried out. Additional consumption with regard to, among others, duration, additional provisions/deployment of the manager or on behalf of the manager, will be charged to the other party on the basis of subsequent calculation. Additional duration amounts to €75.00 per hour.

4. Payment must be made, if not otherwise agreed, within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date, without any right to discount, setoff or suspension.

5. The other party has the right to cancel an agreement concluded without stating reasons. In that case, the other party shall be obliged to pay compensation to De Thuislocaties equal to the following part of the total price owed. The compensation due must be paid within thirty (30) days of the provision of an invoice in this respect by De Thuislocaties. Reimbursements: 50% of the rent is due if the other party cancels between ten (10) days and fourteen (14) days before the commencement date of the rent. The entirety of the costs for the rental and arrangement is due if the other party cancels the rent within less than nine (9) days or does not use the rented property. In case of cancellation up to three (3) days before the booking date, catering costs for lunch and/or dinner will also be charged.

6. De Thuislocaties has the right to make a change or to cancel an agreement up to 4 weeks before the start date of the lease. In case of cancellation up to 2 weeks before the agreed date, De Thuislocaties is obliged to return 100% of the rent to the other party. De Thuislocaties does not accept any liability for any unavailability of the relevant venue on the agreed day, except in the event that the cause would be directly attributable to any action or omission of De Thuislocaties. Force majeure will, in any case, be understood to mean business obstructing circumstances, such as strike, fire, frost, flooding, refusal of permits by the government, riots, mobilisation, war, etc.

7. The other party is obliged to use the rented property only for the purpose for which the agreement with De Thuislocaties has been entered into, and which purpose has thereby been communicated to De Thuislocaties. The other party is responsible towards De Thuislocaties for all individuals who, at the invitation of the other party or otherwise due to any relationship with the other party, are present in or in the vicinity of the venue leased to the other party by De Thuislocaties. She will be liable towards De Thuislocaties for all damage caused by these individuals, regardless of their cause and how they arose, without prejudice to the claims that De Thuislocaties may have against those individuals.

8. The agreed usage period also includes the time required for carrying and removing goods belonging to the lessee in and out of the leased venue. The permission of De Thuislocaties is required for exceeding the period of use of the rented respectively constructing and dismantling for the purpose of the event that takes place outside the agreed rental period.

9. The other party is fully responsible for obtaining permits and must do so in a timely manner, to the extent that these are required for the meeting in accordance with legal requirements.

10. Apart from explicit written authorisation, the other party is not permitted to make structural provisions, temporary additional connections etc. in the building, including the striking of nails in walls, floor or woodwork, hanging lights etc. against the building, all in the broadest sense of the word. Operating technical equipment of the rented property as well as entering the service areas may only take place in consultation with De Thuislocaties and is entirely at your own risk. Insofar as applicable, a script must be submitted for approval to De Thuislocaties by or on behalf of the other party no later than six (6) weeks prior to the event, in which at least the electricity supplies of which one wishes to make use of and the layout of the venue are included. De Thuislocaties commits to having this plan assessed within a week. Equipment used on the venue by or on behalf of the tenant must comply with NEN 3040.

11. De Thuislocaties is not liable for the possessions belonging to third parties, present at the venue, and is in no way liable for damage or injury to persons and property.

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